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Imagine if you could experience a new item with visuals, sound, video and animations. How effective would be your communication then! Our multimedia presentations are created with maximum communication level possible. What you get is a self running CD presentation which explains your products or services to the viewer automatically and best suited to be played from computers in an exhibition stall.

Whether it be a flash presentation or completet multimedia DVD ROM containing immense amount of information and datatbases, there will be that benefitting items for each products of us.


Website is your face in the world wide web or internet. No matter how successful you are in your field, often it demands that you create a website reflecting the types of services or products you deal with. Moreover, users will love to visit such websites which have unique appearence and user navigation styles. Contact us and we will create the right image for you.

Static Websites: Common website designs that can be easily uploaded and maintained at a very low cost.

Dynamic Websites: Joomla or wordpress based Content Managed Sites which client himself can easily manage. These CMS websites can be updated anytime bythe client himself without assistance from a web developer.


Online games are an excellent medium to attract younger generations into one’s website which inturn can be used to improve the reasoning abilities of children.

We specialize both shockwave and flash based games which uses Lingo and Actionscripts respectively.


Logo represents the company in brief. Create the logo in such a way that it reflects your business in a better way. We have the expertise to create the right image to represent your logo.

Based on the contents and various technologies used, we offer the following types of rich self running or interactive multimedia or CD presentations:

Corporate Presentations: These are a must have presentation for any firm and will be containing voice over and are ideal for product demonstrations, exhibition stalls and meetings.

Interactive Presentations: Will have all navigational controls, music and more contents with voice over narration with professional artists.

CD Authoring: Create a database driven CD ROM with item search, video, voice over, photo album etc. so that the viewer will get 100% information on a subject easily.

CD Protection: Do you want to protect your CD ROM from un-authorized duplication or copying? We offer state-of-the-art CD ROM protection services which are highly secure and unbeatable.


We help your business to grow! Helping your business find its true potential, improve productivity and achieve a higher level of proficiency. Online softwares are ideal tools to monitor and view reports of your production line in realtime.

You need not be physically present to manage work force. Take advantage of our online softwares customized for your needs to tackle the business needs get the right information for decision making without any delay. Manage your work and resources at any time and from anywhere in the world. We develop PHP, ASP based online softwares combined with databases at affordable rates.


Does your products or service reach all the potential buyers? We have got one solution for you. Television as a communication medium is far reaching to all areas of the country than any other medium and it is also much popular due to abundancy of channels.

Grab this opportunity and create a TV Commercial based on 2D/3D so that it could boost your business instantly.


Brochures are the hot spots in corporate ramps. Design, layouting, fonts, colours and the quality of paper will be affecting the goodwill of a company. The best brochure design must catch viewer's attention instantly. A well designed and printed brochure is a piece to cherish by most of the companies.


Creativity Vs Logic?
Often heard of the left and right brain working mechanism for creativity and logic minds. We at Desben have these at resonance. Each side contributing to the other one and this is the reason which gives a winning edge for us from the rest.

Whether it be creative effort or be it coding, we ensure full-hearted brain storming and feedback procedures that ultimately result in a better beneficial product for the client.

Listed here are few of our services that customers take advantage of.

To enable faster support to customers and to solve their issues we have adequate plans. The Annual Maintenance Contract take out the worries form the minds of the clients. Most of our customers have enjoyed its benefits by making their sites and packages up-to-date.

Want to know more, send a mail to info@desben.com

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